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What is bicycle fitting?

Bicycle fitting is the art of achieving the perfect interface between your body and your bike. We use cutting edge technology such as reflective body markers, high speed motion capture cameras, position simulators and lasers to achieve this interface.


Why do I need bike-fitting?

Fitting is aimed at everyone. Beginners on their first ride, commuters who want to avoid injury/pain, riders developing more power and spending more time in the saddle, riders who enjoy the analytics of bike set up or any rider who wants to beat his mates at the next club ride or Gran Fondo!




BIKEFITPRO is a bespoke bicycle fitting studio in Nordhavn that has state of the art BIKEFITTING.COM equipment. We combine the latest technology with over 30 years of personal racing experience to give you the ultimate fit, comfort and performance.

Our services

Static Fitting

Static Fitting is intended for those new to the sport, commuters wanting to avoid injury/increase comfort and riders wanting to buy their dream bike but are unsure what frame size to buy.

Dynamic Fitting

Dynamic Fitting employs a more hands on approach and utilises motion capture imaging to enhance accuracy. This fitting is for riders wanting to optimise their training and talent.

Pedaling Analysis

The Pedaling Analyser uses two 3D power meters to model the rider's pedaling technique. The resultant mechanical changes & neuromuscular training maximise performance.


  • Saddle-width measurement
  • Cleat positioning
  • Custom moulded insoles
  • Training advice
  • Nutrition advice

Static Fitting

625 DKK

Dynamic Fitting

1250 DKK

Pedaling Analysis

1250 DKK

Platinum Fitting

1700 DKK

Static & Dynamic fitting

+ Pedal analysis

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